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Board of Directors

Adam McLeod, former ND 
Passionate about providing Naturopathic medicine to remote communities, Adam is aboriginal from the Penobscot band located in the state of Maine. He has participated in First Nations gatherings around the country from a young age. These experiences motivated him to help set up Naturopathic Outreach Society so that people in remote communities can have better access to care with more options to address their health concerns. It has been a life changing experience to travel to these small towns and help out patients who would otherwise never have access to a Naturopathic doctor.


Lisa Lam

Raised in a small town Lisa came to the realization that not everyone has the privilege of accessing the healthcare they need. Her experience from managing a clinic gave her the motivation and opportunities to start a nonprofit organization to pursue her vision of providing care to remote communities.  

Dr. Aubrey Shannon, ND
Originally from BC's interior Aubrey earned her undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree at Thompson Rivers University before completing the Naturopathic Medical Program at the Boucher Institute in New Westminster. Dr. Shannon has been a dedicated volunteer and continues to support Naturopathic Outreach. 

All physicians who volunteer their time with Naturopathic Outreach Society are fully licensed and registered to practice. These doctors volunteer their time and travel out of pocket to help us provide these communities with much needed care.
Outside of the physicians, we are also fortunate to have other individuals who volunteer their time to help with the administrative side of things on these trips! We are extremely grateful to have met these like minded people with the same drive and passion towards nonprofit work. Thank you to all our volunteers, we couldn't do this without you.

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